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Welcome to Simply Ayurveda Natural Health and Wellness Clinic and Retreat.


Ayurveda is an ancient, Indian, holistic, medical system based on the principles of living life in harmony with the laws of nature in order to achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance.


At Simply Ayurveda the teachings and ancient wisdom of Ayurveda are used to help with a range of conditions and complaints including IBS, insomnia, acid reflux, arthritis, constipation, stress, anxiety, depression, women's health, skin conditions and ulcerative colitis and also assist those who are not ill, maintain a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit and sense of wellbeing in their lives.


Based on the information given during a consultation, you will receive advice and recommendations specific to you and your individual needs to help support and guide you on your path to Natural Wellness. 


In order to help gently bring your mind and body back to their natural balance you will receive advice and guidance, specific to your individual needs and requirements, regarding food, diet and lifestyle, Ayurvedic treatments and therapies, organic herbal formulations and supplements, meditation and yoga.




Ayurvedic detox retreats are also available at Simply Ayurveda in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland where you can fully immerse yourself in the therapeautic and healing therapies and principles of Ayurveda.



We like to provide continued support and guidance to our clients and welcome them to keep in touch with us as they make positive changes in their lives towards becoming more balanced, healthier, happier versions of themselves.



Contact us to arrange an appointment to help bring balance and natural wellness to your mind, body and life.





"I went to see Lisa mainly because I had arthritis and insomnia. I went to see her without any expectations. To my great suprise her suggestions on changing my eating habits and diet have given me a completely new lease of life. In the last four months I lost over 15 kilos and can confidently go hiking and cycling again. Most nights I sleep through. I am amazed about this and can really recommend her warmly to anyone seeking advice."


Claudia, 62, Moray, Scotland


Member of the APA, Ayurvedic Professionals Association.

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