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After a number of weeks of massage and dietary mentoring with Lisa Chapman I decided to put my ailing being in her hands for a full on one week of retreat. I stayed nearby for the evenings and the night and spent full days at her beautiful large home. I was nourished with wonderful food and loving massage based upon the deep wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy, including resting in the peace and beauty of her home and the surrounding countryside.


Lisa is one of the most wise and gentle people I have met in years. The strength of her character and dedication to my healing process carried me gently through the full week. My expectations of being considered as a whole person, with all of my emotions, deep spiritual self, body and mind were fully met.


By putting yourself in her hands you can be sure of being in the care of a true healer who's mastered the art of deep listening and of the practice of Ayurveda.


                                                                  Dr David Mead M.D. (Canada)



I have just returned from an Ayurvedic weekend with Lisa and I can't praise her highly enough. Her treatments would have been lovely in a shed, but are in fact carried ont in her beautiful, warm comfortable room designed for the purpose.


As well as six blissful treatments over two days, Lisa served the most delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian foods, cooked with love and care.


The main ingredient in this very special weekend is Lisa herself, who worked with such care, professionalism and above all authenticity that even though I am a shiatu practioner myself, I learned so much that I can take forward in my own life. I will definitely be back for more, I cannot wait.

Thank you Lisa.


     Mhoira, 60, Wester Ross, (Scotland)




I believe in miracles since meeting Lisa.


I was constantly tired, overweight, very unfit, sleeping badly and suffering from pains in my hips and knees due inter alia to osteoarthritis. My excess weight, bad diet and lack of excercise were exasperating the pain.


My initial consultation with Lisa started about six weeks before embarking on a 10-day retreat at Pluscarden. I was immediately impressed with the amount of advice, support and encouragement I received and the time Lisa took to guide me through my pre-treatment program.


Wester Stoneyfield is an absolute haven of peace and I was made to feel at home straight away. The daily treatments are bliss and the quality of care outstanding. Lisa worked non-stop to provide me with the most enjoyable and beneficial experience and was totally attentive to my needs. However, I never got the impression that Lisa viewed looking after me as work. It is clear that she is absolutely committed and passionate about Ayurveda and really cares about her clients' well-being.


Although part of the reason for my retreat was to lose weight, the meals were really delicious. There are no left-overs at Wester Stoneyfield; all food is freshly cooked and Lisa is very generous in sharing her recipes.


I could never have imagined the benefits I would gain on completion of my Ayurveda retreat, some of which include:

no pain in my hips and knees; my ankles are no longer swollen; my blood pressure is lower; I am not so stiff when I get up in the morning; I am able to get in and out of the bath again; I am able to get down onto the floor and up again unaided (which will not only help me in my daily life but will enable me to go to Pilates and/or Yoga classes); an overall weight loss of 13 kgs (2 stone); and I wake up seldom during the night.


Lisa came recommended to me and I, in turn, cannot recommend her highly enough. The retreat exceeded my expectations and I plan to return in the summer.


Thank you Lisa.      


Ann, 64, Bedfordshire, (England)



I contacted Lisa because I urgently needed help after receiving a diagnosis for a neurological condition and finding out there was no-one in my healthcare area that had the expertise I required to get better.


At our first consultation it was evident that Lisa is a very intuitive person and I was filled with confidence that she would be able to help me. Her depth of knowledge was presented in a patient and understandable manner. She explained that Ayurveda was a holistic, traditional healing system based on the laws of nature that took a whole mind and body approach. I learned about the effects insomnia, nutrition, emotions and toxicity had on the body and Lisa knew exactly how to approach my treatment and bring my body back in balance. I have also learned that Ayurveda is a way of life that fits easily in to my routine.


The treatments have been wonderful, and for me personally, I could feel the healing love flowing from Lisa's hands and being channelled directly to the inner me and feeling totally safe in her care. After some treatments I would be told to rest, which seemed strange, however after some practice I do exactly as I am told and reap the benefits.


Lisa is very professional, trustworthy, and very generous with a big heart. She is happy to impart all her knowledge and give effective advice when it is asked for. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone seeking the path to well being knowing that she will give 100% to all of her clients.


Thank you Lisa for all that you have done for me. You are a special person.


        Jilly, 35, Moray, (Scotland)



I am very grateful to Lisa for her kind and welcoming approach. I have learned a lot about my mind and body thanks to her and Ayurveda. I also became more aware of the foods that work for me, and the ones which provoke problems in my system. It was a pleasure to got to Pluscarden and to receive and Ayurvedic consultation and treatment in such a beautiful and peaceful surounding. Many thanks!


       Marie, 26, Forres, (Scotland)



I did not know much about Ayurveda before having a consultation with Lisa. She was recommended to me through a trusted friend. I appreciate how Lisa communicates this ancient system into simple actions for better health. After putting into practice her recommendations I felt so much better in myself and my body. I also appreciate how she has kept in connection to allow me to remember what serves me when I have not put my wellbieng first. 


As a practitioner I find her inner space and treatment space very relaxing, nurturing and I feel like I return to myself after consultation and treatments. I am also grateful that this system works on all levels, and recommendations are based on how to maintain well being in the everyday in a very practical way. I find Lisa a very generous being.

Thank you for your care.


 Kristy, 38, Forres, (Scotland)



Lisa has shown and reminded me how important it is to take care of myself through the different aspects of the Ayurvedic tradition. Her therapies/massages are wonderful and powerful. I highly recommend Lisa on the journey of self care.


 ​Valerie, 55, Elgin, (Scotland)


My first experience of the power of Ayurveda with the lovely Lisa Chapman could not have been more positive. She has the perfect balance of empathy, compassion, expertise and intuition. Lisa's welcoming, non-judgemental style, coupled with a gentle sense of humour provide a very special space for both consultations and treatments. My own treatment was amazing and every small detail was considered (temperture, music, sensory preferences, etc.). I had no idea that Ayurveda could be so life-changing and I'm already looking forward to my next treatment! Thank you, Lisa!


Claire, 39, Moray, (Scotland)



I saw Lisa because I felt I needed a big shift regarding my eating habits and general outlook on life, now that I am at an older age; plus the question of hip and knee replacement was looming. With Lisa's very clear guidance and support I am making that shift gladly. Within just a few weeks of consultation and treatments I am enjoying a body so much lighter and eager to move with far less pain. From the begining I felt I could trust Lisa 100%, which is giving me great inner strength and peace of mind to keep going steadily with the programme. Thank you so much.


           ​Karin, 70, Forres,(Scotland)



"I went to see Lisa mainly because I had arthritis and insomnia. I went to see her without any expectations. To my great surprise her suggestions on changing my eating habits and diet have given me a completely new lease of life. In the last four months I lost over 15 kilos and can confidently go hiking and cycling again. Most nights I sleep through. I am amazed about this and can really recommend her warmly to anyone seeking advice."


Claudia, 62, Moray, (Scotland)



After contracting intestinal parasites the previous year, I had suffered with terrible digestion. I had tried every detox and herbal remedy you could think of, I had eliminated 'problem' foods from my diet but still I experienced a sense of dread around eating. I had even been trying to use Ayurveda to help me with my problem but until I had my consultation with Lisa I could not fully appreciate my particular digestive issue. Lisa immediately made me feel more relaxed about eating and put me on a detox programme. I took special anti-parasitic treatment and was delighted when I went to the doctors and they found I no longer had ANY parasites.


I have since been working on creating a regular routine for my specific constitution and needs and I am loving what I am eating, and so is my body, everyday my aches and pains are a little less and my mood lighter. Meeting with Lisa was the best thing I could have done for my health. She is so kind and caring, her home is amazing and relaxing. I did a detox day with her and honestly I have never felt so nurtured and cared for.


Thank you Lisa for your wonderful, inspiring  and generous spirit, you truly are a gift to me and I'm

so blessed to know you!


Turiya, 29, Forres, (Scotland)


Having just returned from a 2 day retreat at Simply Ayurveda, I can't thank Lisa enough for such a fulfilled wonderful experience. Prior to my arrival I had an in-depth consultation via facetime in preparation for my rereat. This gave me the opportunity to speak to Lisa who has a very calm, nuturing manner which put me at ease, so I was able to talk through what I wished to achieve during my stay and answer her questions openly in order to create my personalised programme.


Upon arrival I wasn't disappointed! I was greeted by Lisa and welcomed into her home, which is nestled amidst the most beautiful countryside. My accommodation was extremely comfortable with a lovely view across the hills. Lisa is a wonderful cook creating delicious healthy Ayurvedic meals, which she kindly gave me the recipes for.


My treatments, which I chose along with Lisa's advice, were very relaxing. Ayurveda treatments are unlike any other treatments I have had in the past, and are more specific to help balance the mind and body. Treatments are given in a serene room which Lisa has lovingly created.


During my stay I have learnt a lot about myself, having the space away from my hectic lifestyle with no interruptions and plenty of country walks in nature, where I crossed paths with deer, pheasants, squirrels and the sound of bird song. This gave me the opportunity to concentrate on myself, realising some of the bad habits I have picked up such as my poor inconsistent eating habits and the want to do everything at 100mph. Simply Ayurveda has given me the insight to slow down and fuel my body in the way it deserves. Thanks to Lisa's passionate, love and knowledge of Ayurveda I am now on my own path to natural wellness. 

Lisa, I wish you well and hope many more people come to you to cleanse in the beautiful setting you have created. Thank you for your help, support and encouragement to become a more fulfilled, healthier, happier version of myself.


Alison, 35, Elgin, (Scotland)


I was recommended to Simply Ayurveda by a friend. I had some familiarity with the principles of the Ayurvedic Tradition through having lived in India but it was in Elgin I came to fully understand the breadth and depth of the philosophy. Lisa is an excellent proponent of the concepts of holistic health through, diet, self-awareness and lifestyle. In the UK we rarely approach therapy by combining talking, self-help and diet together with a skilled practitioner's adjustments to bring us back to health and balance, or as she terms it 'wellness'. Lisa is an exception and combines these all in a beautiful setting. I am very grateful to the friend who recommneded her to me.


Ian, 67, Aberdeen, (Scotland)


I learned about Lisa's work through our great yoga teacher whom I trusted, so wasn't suprised to find that trust more than totally well-placed. First of all, the home which houses her therpay practice is beautifully placed in the Pluscarden countryside, and her tree-lined garden welcoming so many birds, made me feel instantly "at home". Lisa's presence is warm, calm and welcoming and this doesn't stop during the whole day's treatment during which I found a complete relaxing and sensory delight! (Not to mention the beautifully made, presented and accomplished meals!!) I went to Lisa hoping to augment the naturopathic detox diet I had started to assist treatment of chronic insomnia and very dry skin. Lisa's treatment, advice and practical help I found inspiring and is something I'll continue to receive in the future. I totally recommend Lisa's practice. 


Jude, 76, Moray,(Scotland)



"Lisa's knowledge, advice and practical skills bring back the balance in my everyday life. She has a warm hearted and hands on mentality, a combination that makes me feel understood, safe and guided towards a healthy life.

Lisa'a foot masage is a blessing for me, it is a true treat for both mind and body."


Sanne Ree, 26, Moray, (Scotland)



The detox day with Lisa was a wonderful experience, as I knew it would be after my initial consultaion. The treatments were relaxing and beneficial. The information and advice was given in very accessible form. And as for the hospitality in Lisa's own home_ wonderful! I feel that I am at the begining of the road, with Lisa's help, to an Ayurvedic lifestyle which I know will be very beneficial to my overall wellbeing. Never too late at 60 something!


60 something, Fochabers, (Scotland)



"Driving through the beautiful Moray countryside towards Pluscarden, I always feel a sense of calm. I've had three treatments with Lisa at Simply Ayurveda, and I know that there, only a few miles from Elgin, the signal bars on my phone disappear and I can just be in Lisa's patchouli-scented treatment room with soft lighting and gentle music.


Four days after a wonderful Mukabhyanga facial, I still feel rested and happy - after this 'face lift' facial, I felt as if i'd just returned from holiday, revitalised and relaxed! The Hridaya basti heart treatment was beautifally cathartic, I cried tears that needed to be cried as the healing oil touched my skin - it is a very healing and comforting treatment. The abhyanga full body massage is 75 minutes of pure relaxation - I'm looking forward to the even longer, detoxifying marma

(energy point) abhyanaga.


I love being able to have a complete digital detox, to disconnect from the world, ready to reconnect but in a more balanced way. I'm naturally energetic, but with Lisa's help and personalised treatment plan, my energy is now more natural (not caffeine-fuelled!) and I see food as medicine, slowing down to eat mindfully. Eating well and following Ayurvedic principles has meant I've lost weight without being on a 'diet'. Simple changes recommended by Lisa have had huge benefits.


Be kind to yourself!' is my new mantra (thank you, Lisa!) - it means making healthier and more positive choices. As a busy, working mum, I'm really excited about about Lisa'a retreats - daily holistic treatments, nuturing food, meditation, gentle walks and relaxation! Simply Ayurveda is only an hour's drive from my home, but it feels as if I'm in another world when I'm there.


Barbara, 49, Aberdeenshire, (Scotland)



I have reaped the benefits of having several consultations with Lisa at Pluscarden. Ayurveda treatments are wonderfully relaxing and uplifting. During the drive to Pluscarden one feels tension evaporating, and when one steps inside Lisa's home it feels like one's body sighs with relief and gratitude. The principles of Ayurveda are easy to understand, (with Lisa's knowledge, guidance and skills) and one's body and soul certainly feel the benefits - both physically and emotionally. I would not hesitate to recommend Simply Ayurveda at Pluscarden; it can be life changing, and one's body deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. I feel blessed to have Lisa, her Ayurveda Practice and retreat in my life.


Lynda, 64, Moray, (Scotland)




This had to be the best weekend I have ever had. I feel like a new woman. A very intersting weekend. Learned so much. Such a beautiful, relaxing home. Lisa was so kind and welcoming. The food is truly amazing, easy to make at home too. The treatments were so helpful, I feel so much better after them. I can not wait to go back.


Dawn, 35, Edinburgh, (Scotland)



Lisa has a very calm and grounding nature, that made me feel very at ease when I went for my consultation. Her recommendations for my treatment were well explained, and she really took the time to help me understand the benefits of Ayurveda. I received a treatment that was not only incredibly relaxing at the time, but also triggered beneficial changes in the days after. The location is beautiful and peaceful too. I would highly recommend Simply Ayurveda to anyone seeking positive change in any aspect of their lives."


Eve, 39, Elgin, (Scotland)



"I found the dietry information and advice particular to my body type especially helpful. I'm eating and feeling better for it. I very much enjoyed the gently invigorating treatments in a lovely and supportive setting.


Claralyn, 51, Forres, (Scotland)




I decided to undergo a 10 day Ayurvedic detox programme at Simply Ayurveda as I had felt for a while now that I needed to take some time out from the stresses and strains of the daily grind and reconnect with myself.


 I was greeted by Lisa's positive energy as she welcomed me to Pluscarden. The lush green surroundings where a delight for the senses and the feeling of peace and tranquillity was palpable. After having some time and space to settle into my new 'home away from home', Lisa explained the detox process to me. I quickly felt at ease. I had a daily consultation with Lisa and what was so comforting was the holistic approach she provided to my health and wellbeing. Not only did Lisa inquire about my physical state but also my emotional wellbeing as well as the state of my sensory functions. 


The treatments were fully tailored to my personal requirements and it was a true luxury to receive daily relaxing massages and the most delicious and nutritious foods based on my body's needs. I indulged in regular walks and savoured the beautiful countryside. 


If I needed to talk through how I was feeling, Lisa was always open to listen as well as holding the space for me to work through my emotions. By the end of my stay, not only did I lose weight naturally, my skin had improved, my anxious thoughts had settled and perhaps most importantly I felt still and grounded, reconnecting with my true nature. Thank you Simply Ayurveda, I will be back next year.


Dr R Kotecha, 33, Cambridge, (England)




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