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All treatments at Simply Ayurveda use 100% chemical free, natural, herbs and oils specifically made for Ayurvedic therapies and treatments and are specifically tailored to the unique, individual needs of each client.


In order to create the most effective and balancing treatment for you and your body's needs, a  pre - treatment consultation is required before each treatment to assess the level of toxins in the body and to establish which dosha is most dominant. 





Traditional Ayurveda Head and Face Treatments


Shirodhara  - Forehead Warm Oil Treatment  

Known as 'the King of all treatments', This signature Ayurvedic treatment helps to induce relaxation and alleviate stress through the continuous stream of warm, soothing oil gently poured over the forehead and central third eye Chakra point.

(45 minutes £60)


Mukhabhyanga - Ayurveda Face-Lift Massage   

Both relaxing and nourishing, this treatment helps to tone the facial muscles and stimulates the

flow of lymph, helping to reduce wrinkles and promote the natural regeneration of healthier, younger looking skin.

(75 minutes £60)


Karana Purana -  Ear Treatment  

This relaxing Ayurveda treatment begins with a soothing face massage before warm, nourishing

oil is gently poured into the ears inducing a feeling of calm.

 (45 minutes £45)


Akshitarpana -  Eye Treatment   

A unique, relaxing Ayurveda treatment using warm ghee baths around the eyes helping to cleanse,

sooth and nourish dry, tired and strained eyes.

(40 minutes £45)


Nasya  - Nasal Treatment 

This specialised Ayurvedic treatment begins with a gentle face massage, followed by hot towels

and the application of warm, medicated oil through the nose. This is a nasal cleansing treatment which helps to clear the

mind and senses, clears congestion from the sinuses.

(40 minutes £40)




Specialised Ayurvedic Treatments


Pristhabhyanga – Back Massage 

A relaxing and revitalising massage with warm oil for the back and shoulders. This Ayurvedic treatment helps to

relieve back ache and remove tension and strain from tired and aching muscles.

(30 minutes £35 /45 minutes £40)


Nabhi Abhyanaga - Abdominal Massages 
A highly detoxifying treatment, it stimulates the digestive fire and metabolism and helps with digestive complaints.
This massage helps tone the abdominal muscles and aids in weight loss around the stomach area.
(45 minutes £40/scrub £45)


Pada Abhyanaga - Foot Massage 

A highly relaxing and soothing massage of the foot and lower leg. Paying particular attention to marma (energy) points,

this treatment is both stimulating and balancing, creating harmony in the body.

(45 minutes £40)


Hasta Abhyanaga – Hand Massage 
Using warm, specially formulated oils, this soothing massage of the hands and lower arms relaxes and revitilises
the hands and refreshes the energy of the whole body.
(30 minutes £30)


Hridaya Basti – Heart Treatment 

A deeply comforting treatment for the heart centre using a well of warm Ayurveda oil. A profoundly nurturing treatment

which helps relieve nervousness, stress and fear providing a sense of groundedness in the mind and emotions.

(40 mins £45)


Greeva Basti – Neck Treatment 

Warm, herb infused oil is poured on to the back of the neck and is held in place by a dough well.. Helpful for neck pain,

spinal problems in the cervical area as well as tension and stress related ailments.

(45 minutes £40)


Kati Basti - Lower Back Treatment 

Warm, herb infused oil is gently poured on to the lower back and held in place with a dough well. Helpful in treating

all lower back problems including pain, sciatica and spinal problems.

(40 minutes £45)


Janu Basti – Knee Treatment  

The knees are continuously bathed in specialised, warm, medicated oil and held in place with with a dough well.

This nourishing and soothing treatment removes stiffness and pain from the joints.

(45 minutes £42)





Ayurveda Body Treatments


Abhyanga – Full Body Massage 

A deeply nourishing and relaxing massage which can help to clear blockages, increase the flow of energy and timulate the 

immune system. A revitilising massage which relaxes both body and mind, promoting a sense of wellbeing.

(75 minutes £65)


Marma Abhyanga– Ayurvedic Energy Point Massage 

This revitalising, whole body massage helps to release blockages and detoxify the body. Working on the marma

points stimulates the circulatory, immune and nervous systems. There are 107 marma (energy) points in the

body which can be used to re-balance the body and its organs.  

(90 minutes £75)


Urdvartana – Herbal Body-Scrub Massage 

A stimulating, exfoliating massage using ground Ayurvedic herbs and warm oil to remove congestion from the body,

leaving the skin soft and smooth with a lustrous, healthy glow. This treatment helps to remove toxins,

stimulate digestive fire and metabolism and aids in weight loss.

(60 minutes £70)


Pinda Sweda – Herbal Bolus Massage 

A stimulating, rejuvenating and nourishing treatment with specially selected herb filled poultices dipped in

warm Ayurvedic oil and massaged all over the body. A very helpful treatment for joint and muscular aches and pains, tension and stress.

(60 minutes £70)


Swedana –Full Body Steam Treatment 

Swedana is a full body steam treatment which immediately follows Ayurvedic massages. The body sits in a steam chamber

whilst the head remains outside and is cooled with refreshing cold towels and fragrant, misty sprays of rose water.

This full body steam treatment dilates the channels in the body in order to detach toxins from the tissues and expel them, along with the sweat, through the pores in the skin.

(Up to 20 minutes £20)


Please note there is a standard charge of £40 for no show appointmetns or cancellations giving less than 24hr notice.

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